Enable metrics

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The chart can optionally start a sidecar metrics exporter for Prometheus. The metrics endpoint is exposed in the service.

To start the sidecar Prometheus exporter, set the metrics.enabled parameter to true when deploying the chart. Refer to the chart parameters for the default port number.

Metrics can be scraped from within the cluster using any of the following approaches:

  • Adding the required annotations for Prometheus to discover the metrics endpoints, as in the example below:

        prometheus.io/scrape: "true"
        prometheus.io/path: "/metrics/cluster"
        prometheus.io/port: "9000"
  • Creating a ServiceMonitor or PodMonitor entry (when the Prometheus Operator is available in the cluster)

  • Using something similar to the example Prometheus scrape configuration.

If metrics are to be scraped from outside the cluster, the Kubernetes API proxy can be utilized to access the endpoint.