Learn about Bitnami OS X VMs

A Bitnami OS X VM is a virtual machine (VM) that includes everything you need to run your Bitnami-packaged application of choice on your OS X system. Once downloaded, you can launch it and immediately begin using the application.

All Bitnami OS X VMs are completely self-contained and run independently of the rest of the software or libraries installed on your system. This means that you don’t have to worry about installing any other software on your system to make the new application work. OS X VMs also won’t interfere with any software already installed on your system, so everything you’re already running will continue to work normally.

What is the difference between an OS X native installer and an OS X VM?

  • An OS X native installer installs the Bitnami application stack and all its components directly on your OS X system.
  • An OS X VM is a virtual machine for OS X. It includes all the components of the Bitnami application stack in a Linux-based virtual machine that runs on your OS X system.
Last modification September 5, 2018