Create and restore backups


Bitnami stacks are self-contained and the simplest option for performing a backup is to copy or compress the Bitnami stack installation directory. To do so in a safe manner, you will need to stop all servers, so this method may not be appropriate if you have people accessing the application continuously.

Follow these steps:

  • Change to the directory in which you wish to save your backup:

      $ cd /your/directory
  • Stop all servers:

      $ sudo installdir/ stop
  • Create a compressed file with the stack contents:

      $ sudo tar -pczvf application-backup.tar.gz installdir
  • Restart all servers:

      $ sudo installdir/ start
  • Download or transfer the application-backup.tar.gz file to a safe location.


Bitnami stacks are self-contained, so to restore a stack, you only need to uncompress the backup file in the same location. It is important to use the same path that was used when the stack was originally installed.

Last modification August 12, 2020