Modify the available memory for the virtual machine

Bitnami VSI images for IBM Cloud

Check IBM Cloud official documentation on resizing a virtual server instance to select a new instance profile.

Bitnami OVA images for VMware vCenter on IBM Cloud

You can modify the settings of your virtual machine at any time from the vSphere user interface. Follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your datacenter vSphere client and navigate to the location you have specified within your datacenter when deploying the image. You should see a list of the virtual machines that are running in your SDDC.

  • Click on the virtual machine you want to modify.

  • In the top menu, select the “Actions -> Edit Settings”:

    Modify the virtual machine memory

  • Modify the values you need to increase/decrease the virtual machine memory configuration. Click “OK” to make the changes take effect.

Last modification October 22, 2021