Upgrade JetBrains YouTrack

It is strongly recommended to create a backup before starting the update process. If you have important data, create and restore a backup to ensure that everything works properly.

To upgrade the application, follow these steps:

  • On the original YouTrack installation:

    • Log in as an administrator.

    • Select the “Administration -> Server Settings -> Database Backup” menu item.

    • Choose the backup location on the server and set the archive format.


    • Click the “Backup database now…” button. A new backup file will be created.

    • Download the backup file by clicking it.

  • On a fresh YouTrack installation:

    • Transfer or upload the database backup file to a directory on the server using SSH or SFTP.

    • On the welcome screen, select the “Upgrade” installation type.

      Select the upgrade option

    • On the “Source” page, navigate to the location of the uploaded backup file and select it. Click “Next” to proceed.

      Select backup file

    • On the “Upgrade settings” page, check and confirm the locations of the various YouTrack directories and update the base URL to reflect the new installation (if necessary). Click “Confirm” to proceed.

      NOTE: If the base URL value is incorrect, you may be unable to access your YouTrack installation from other computers.

      Confirm upgrade settings

    • On the “License” page, enter the license information and click “Finish” to complete the upgrade process.

You should now be able to log in to the fresh YouTrack installation using the administrator credentials from the original installation, and you should see that your data has been successfully imported into the new installation.

Last modification April 8, 2020