Configure kubectl to connect to Kubernetes Sandbox

To configure a locally-installed copy of kubectl to connect to the Kubernetes Sandbox, follow these steps:

  • Connect to the Bitnami Kubernetes Sandbox using SFTP.

  • Download the /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf file to your local system.

  • Edit the downloaded file and update the server variable to reflect the public IP address of the running Bitnami Kubernetes Sandbox instance.

      - cluster
        server: https://SERVER-IP:6443
  • Move the downloaded file to ~/.kube/sandbox.conf:

      $ sudo mv admin.conf ~/.kube/sandbox.conf
  • Set the KUBECONFIG environment variable to reflect the new configuration file:

      $ export KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/sandbox.conf

Your locally installed copy of kubectl should now be configured to use the Bitnami Kubernetes Sandbox. Verify this by executing kubectl cluster-info and checking the output.

Last modification December 31, 2018