Import an Existing EBS-Backed Amazon Instance


This guide explains how to import a server (“instance”) launched outside Bitnami Cloud Hosting into the Bitnami Cloud Hosting dashboard so that you can use Bitnami Cloud Hosting for automatic backups, resizing, monitoring and other tasks.

NOTE: This is currently only possible on EBS-backed instances (as opposed to those that use S3) that were launched using a Bitnami AMI.

To import your instance:

  • Log in to the instance via SSH.

  • Execute the following commands on a 64-bit instance:

      $ wget http://downloads.bitnami.com/files/download/bitnami-cloud-import-x64.run
      $ chmod a+x ./bitnami-cloud-import-x64.run
      $ sudo ./bitnami-cloud-import-x64.run

    If using a 32-bit instance, execute the following commands instead:

      $ wget http://downloads.bitnami.com/files/download/bitnami-cloud-import.run
      $ chmod a+x ./bitnami-cloud-import.run
      $ sudo ./bitnami-cloud-import.run
  • Follow the instructions shown on the screen. Provide your Bitnami Cloud Hosting account credentials when needed. Here is what a sample session looks like:

      BitNami Cloud Hosting Tool for importing AWS machines
      BitNami Cloud Hosting Authentication
      Please provide your credentials
      Login []:
      We are ready to migrate your machine and import to the BitNami Cloud Hosting console.
      Do you want to continue? [Y/n]:
      Info: Your machine has been imported successfully! You can login to the BitNami
      Cloud Hosting console now and manage your server.
  • Browse to the Bitnami Cloud Hosting dashboard and sign in if required using your Bitnami account.

  • Click the “Servers” menu item and verify that the instances has been successfully imported. You can now manage it like your other Bitnami Cloud Hosting based instances.

    Server import

Contact Bitnami via the Bitnami Community Forum in case of questions.

Last modification March 6, 2020