Understand the default AWS limits

Servers created using Bitnami Cloud Hosting are run using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bitnami Cloud Hosting checks for resource usage on your AWS account and information about reaching one or more AWS limits will be included in your weekly report email. When your account is close to reaching its limits, you can request a higher limit from Amazon.

  • Each server run with Bitnami Cloud Hosting is an EC2 instance.
  • Each server run with Bitnami Cloud Hosting can have one or more static IP addresses.
  • Bitnami Cloud Hosting server backups are created as AWS snapshots.

NOTE: Limits other than the ones listed below are not monitored by Bitnami Cloud Hosting, which may result in your account reaching a limit without generating a corresponding warning from Bitnami Cloud Hosting.

Last modification March 6, 2020