Configure a static IP address

Bitnami Cloud Hosting instances are launched with a dynamic IP address by default, which means that the IP address changes every time the server is stopped and restarted. In many cases, this is not desired and so, users also have the option to assign the server a static IP address (also known as an “elastic IP”).

To configure a static IP address:

  • Browse to the Bitnami Cloud Hosting dashboard and sign in if required using your Bitnami account.

  • Select the “Servers” menu item.

  • Select your cloud server from the resulting list.

  • Click the “Manage” button.

  • On the resulting page, navigate to the “Properties” tab in the lower panel, which will display the server’s current IP address and indicate whether it is “static” or “dynamic”.

    Server static IP address configuration

  • In the upper panel, click the “Assign IP” button.

    Server static IP address configuration

  • In the resulting dialog, choose “Newly created static IP” to create and assign a new static IP address or, if you already have unassigned static IP addresses, choose the one you wish to assign.

    Server static IP address configuration

  • Click “Ok” to save the changes. The server will shortly become available at the new IP address and the server properties will indicate that this is a static IP address.

    Server static IP address configuration

NOTE: Static IP addresses are only free when attached to a server. Review the costs associated with static IP addresses.

Last modification September 6, 2018