Clone an instance from one AWS account to another

NOTE: These steps assume that you have access to a Bitnami Cloud Hosting account and access credentials for both the AWS accounts.

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Bitnami Cloud Hosting dashboard.

  • Select the “Clouds” menu item and click the “New” button. Enter the credentials for the new AWS account, in case they are not already present.

    Server cloning

  • Select the “Servers” menu item.

  • Select the server you wish to move and click the “Clone” button.

  • In the “Clone” dialog box, enter the name and domain name for the new server and select the newly-added AWS account in the “Cloud Account” selection list.

    Server cloning

  • Click “Clone Server” to clone the server into the new account.

Last modification September 5, 2018