Upgrade Zurmo

It is strongly recommended to create a backup before starting the update process. If you have important data, create and try to restore a backup to ensure that everything works properly.

Follow these steps to upgrade the application without migrating the data to another machine:

  • Browse to http://zurmo.org/upgrades and download the proper files you may need for the upgrade. For instance, if you are upgrading from 1.5.14 to 2.2.3, you will need ZurmoUpgrade_1.5.14-2.0.22.zip and ZurmoUpgrade_2.0.22-2.2.3.zip. Zurmo upgrades must be done progressively, so follow the process below for each file you may need one at a time.

  • Log in into your server console and run the following commands. Replace FILE with the URL of the necessary file.

    $ cd /opt/bitnami
    $ cd apps/zurmo/htdocs/app/protected/runtime
    $ mkdir ./upgrade
    $ cd ./upgrade
    $ wget FILE
    $ cd /opt/bitnami/apps/zurmo/htdocs/app/protected/commands
    $ ./zurmoc upgradeZurmo user runPart1
    $ ./zurmoc upgradeZurmo user runPart2
    $ rm -rf /opt/bitnami/apps/zurmo/htdocs/app/protected/runtime/upgrade
    $ sudo chown -R bitnami:daemon /opt/bitnami/apps/zurmo/htdocs
  • Repeat these commands for each upgrade file.

  • Restart the Apache server:

    $ sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh restart apache

Your Zurmo application should now have been upgraded.

Last modification April 8, 2020