Configure PHP-FPM options

To override any of the PHP configuration options (eg. memory_limit, max_execution_time), set these options in the /opt/bitnami/php/etc/php.ini file and in the /opt/bitnami/apps/APPNAME/conf/php-fpm/php-settings.conf file.

For example, to increase the PHP memory limit, edit the /opt/bitnami/APPNAME/conf/php-fpm/php-settings.conf file and set the corresponding variable as follows. Replace the NEW_LIMIT placeholder with the new memory limit you wish to use.


Then, also modify the /opt/bitnami/php/etc/php.ini file and set the memory_limit variable to a new value, as shown below:


Restart Apache and PHP-FPM for the changes to take effect:

$ /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh restart apache
$ /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh restart php-fpm
Last modification April 8, 2020