Install plugins

To install a plugin, follow these steps:

  • Find the plugin you wish to install in the XOOPS Module Repository or the XOOPS Modules News page.

  • Download the plugin to your server and extract it to the /opt/bitnami/apps/xoops/htdocs/modules directory.

  • Log in to the application as an administrator.

  • Select the “User Menu -> Administration Menu” item from the left navigation bar.

  • Click the “Modules” button in the resulting control panel.

    Plugins configuration

  • If the new plugin is recognized by XOOPS, it will appear in the “Install module” button on the right. Click the button to see the list of modules available for installation.

    Plugins configuration

  • Click the “Install” icon.

  • On the next page, click “Install” to install and activate the new module.

    Plugins configuration

The module will be installed and you will see a success screen indicating the final status.

[![Plugins configuration](/images/img/apps/xoops/xoops-plugins-4.png)](/images/img/apps/xoops/xoops-plugins-4.png)
Last modification April 8, 2020