Install plugins

You can download additional packages for Simple Machines Forum from the SMF Mods website.

To install a plugin, follow these steps:

  • Download the package to your desktop.
  • Log in to the application as an administrator.
  • Select the “Admin -> Package Manager” menu item.
  • On the resulting page, select the “Download Packages” menu item.
  • Click the “Upload a Package” button.
  • Browse to the downloaded package file and select it. Click “Upload” to upload it to the application.

    Installing plugins

  • The package will now be uploaded and installed. Once done, click the “Browse Packages” menu item and check that the new package appears in the “Modification Packages” list.

  • Click the “Install Mod” link next to the package name.

    Installing plugins

  • Review the package information and license and if agreeable, click the “Install Now” button at the end of the page to install and activate the package.

    Installing plugins