Understand the default configuration

There are three major components included in the Bitnami package for Apache Guacamole:

  • Guacamole Server
  • Guacamole Client
  • Database

Guacamole Server

It is a daemon server (guacd) that talks to the remote desktops and accepts connections from the users logged in to the web application.

  • Component directory: /opt/bitnami/guacamole-server.
  • Configuration specified as flags of the daemon server.
  • Log file: /opt/bitnami/guacamole-server/logs/guacd.log.

Guacamole Client

It is the frontend of Guacamole. It is a Java application that runs on top of Apache Tomcat.

  • Component directory: /opt/bitnami/guacamole.
  • Configuration file: /opt/bitnami/
  • Log directory: /opt/bitnami/tomcat/logs/.


The user authentication for Apache Guacamole is configured to work with PostgreSQL.

  • Component directory: /opt/bitnami/postgresql.
  • Configuration file: /opt/bitnami/postgresql/conf/postgresql.conf.
  • Log file: /opt/bitnami/postgresql/logs/postgresql.log.

NOTE: Any modifications made in the configuration files will be loaded after restarting the services.

Last modification December 21, 2022