Understand the default configuration

By default the Bitnami Sample Mean application is deployed in the cluster. However, you can use your custom Git repository and deploy your application by setting the URL in the Azure interface at the deploy time. Authentication is also supported if you set the username/password in the URL.

For the Bitnami Sample Mean, this is the default configuration:


The Application Gateway redirects traffic from 80 port to backends in 3000 port.


The directories used to configure the application are (remember that APP_FOLDER and DATA_FOLDER are placeholders, replace them with the directories of your custom application):

  • APP_FOLDER: Contains all the code of the application. Defaults to /app.
  • DATA_FOLDER: Contains all the assets that will be mounted in the file system server. Defaults to /bitnami/app.

Init scripts

The script is intended to be run in every start of the application. You can check the logic of the script here.


As the application is started with pm2, you can retrieve the server logs by running:

    $ sudo PM2_HOME=/etc/.pm2 pm2 logs

For more information related to the application, please, check the official README.

Last modification August 30, 2018