Understand the default cluster configuration

The Bitnami Multi-Tier Solution for Node.js High-Availability Cluster uses multiple VMs, consisting of:

Node.js nodes

They are configured with the Node.js runtime to serve the application.

Load Balancer

The Azure’s Application Gateway is configured to balance the workload between all the nodes.

File system service

The Azure’s File Share Service is configured to mount a file system in all the nodes, having a common folder where you can store all the assets of your application.

MongoDB database

By default, there is not configured a MongoDB database for the application. We highly encourage you to use the Azure Cosmos DB service to provide a database for your application, but you can use your custom MongoDB database.P

Public endpoints

By default there are configured two public endpoints:

  • Application Gateway: Load balancer in charge of distributing the HTTP/HTTPS workload across all the Node.js nodes.
  • Node.js node: One of the deployed nodes has a public IP address where users can access by SSH.
Last modification September 5, 2018