Enable HTTPS support with Apache

NOTE: The steps below assume that you have a signed certificate in the PKCS #12 encoding format with the pfx extension. If not, see how to create an SSL certificate.

By default, the Bitnami Multi-Tier Solution for Node.js High-Availability Cluster comes with the HTTPS support disabled. This section will guide you through the process to upload the generated certificate and enable the HTTPS redirection in the Azure’s Application Gateway.

  • Access the Resource Group of your deployment in the Azure Portal and select the Application Gateway:

    Azure Resource Group

  • On the resulting screen, select the Listeners option and then, click “Basic” create a basic listener:

    Azure Listeners

  • Configure the HTTPS Protocol with your certificate and the same password you have used before to export your certificate:

    Azure Listeners configuration

  • Once the listener has been created, navigate to the Rules section and create a basic Rule:

    Azure Rules

  • Link the new rule to the listener you just create:

    Azure Rules configuration

Now you can use your custom domain with HTTPS support.

Last modification October 1, 2018