Check cluster status

  • etcd CLI has a specific command to check the cluster health status. To check the cluster status, execute the command below. It will display the status of each node in the cluster:

    $ etcdctl cluster-health
    member 114e410ebb9afad4 is healthy: got healthy result from http://bntest1:2379
    member 162e09903252b1ac is healthy: got healthy result from http://bntest0:2379
    member 943a036b423b7705 is healthy: got healthy result from http://bntest2:2379
    cluster is healthy
  • If you want to retrieve member/node IDs, run the following:

    $ etcdctl member list
    114e410ebb9afad4: name=bntest1 peerURLs=https://bntest1:2380 clientURLs=http://bntest1:2379 isLeader=false
    162e09903252b1ac: name=bntest0 peerURLs=https://bntest0:2380 clientURLs=http://bntest0:2379 isLeader=false
    943a036b423b7705: name=bntest2 peerURLs=https://bntest2:2380 clientURLs=http://bntest2:2379 isLeader=true
Last modification September 12, 2018