Connect to cluster virtual machines

Some operations such as changing the application password, require that some actions will be repeated in each cluster node. That way, you need to connect to each node for the changes to take effect in the whole cluster. Follow the steps below to connect the cluster nodes in your Azure deployments:

  • Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal.

  • Navigate to the “Virtual Machines” section and find your deployment.

  • Select the primary node from the virtual machines list. It usually finishes with the number 0:

    Select the primary node

  • In the resulting screen, click “Connect”. It displays the command to connect through SSH to the selected node:

    Connect through SSH to the primary node

  • Open a new terminal window on your local system and paste the command shown above. You will be prompted to enter your password. After this, you should be connected to the primary node as shown below:

    Connect through SSH to the primary node

Once you have connected to the primary node, you are able to connect to the rest of the nodes establishing an SSH connection to each node IP address as follows:

  • To find the private IP address of a node, select it in the list of virtual machines and click “network/default-subnet”.

    Find node private IP address

  • Copy the IP address of the node you want to connect.

    Copy node IP address

  • In the terminal window, execute the following command (within the primary node). Remember to replace the NODE_IP_ADDRESS placeholder with the correct value:

      $ ssh bitnami@NODE_IP_ADDRESS

    Connect to a secondary node

    NOTE: Remember to repeat the same operation to connect to each cluster node.

Last modification September 5, 2018