How to find application credentials using Amazon Lightsail?

Administrator username

The application username depends on the application. You can find the application username by clicking the Bitnami badge at the bottom right corner of the application index page and viewing the resulting information screen.

Server credentials

In case the Bitnami badge is not present, you can also obtain the application username from the application page in our documentation.

If you started a server (for example, MongoDB or similar) that isn't a Web application server, you can use the default administrator user to log in to the database (for example, root). You can find more information for each specific server in our documentation.

Administrator password

The application password is randomly generated during the deployment process and stored in a file on the server. This password can be viewed as follows:

  • Log in to the AWS Console. From the Amazon Web Services menu, select the Lightsail service and choose the server you wish to obtain credentials for.
  • On the server detail page, click the "Connect using SSH" button.

    WordPress credentials

This will initiate a secure SSH connection to the server console in a new browser window. You should see something like this:

WordPress credentials

  • At the server console, run the command cat bitnami_application_password. This will display the administrative password. Here's an example:

WordPress credentials