Obtaining your SSH credentials for your client

What SSH username should I use for secure shell access to my application?

SSH username: bitnami

Obtaining your SSH credentials from the AWS Console

If you are using the AWS console you have either created and downloaded an SSH key pair or upload one the first time you deployed a server. Check the following sections to know where the SSH keys can be created or uploaded on the AWS console:

  • Log in to the AWS Cloud Console.
  • Select the "Compute -> EC2" option.

    Access your resources

  • In the left navigation bar, click the "Network & Security -> Key Pairs" menu item.

    Select the Key Pairs section

  • In the resulting page, you will see a list of the Key Pairs that are already uploaded to the console and available to use when launching an instance.

    List of Key Pairs

    From this screen you can also create a new Key Pair that you can download later:

    Create a Key Pair

    Or import one from your computer:

    Import a Key Pair

Obtaining your SSH credentials from Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail provides a default SSH key pair for connecting to your instance that you can download at any moment. Optionally, you can change this during the deployment process. To do so:

  • Log in to Amazon Lightsail.
  • Click "Create instance" to launch a new server.
  • In the "Create an instance" resulting screen, scroll down until the "OPTIONAL -> Change SSH key pair" section.

    Change the SSH Key Pair

    Click on the link to see the "SSH key pair manager":

    SSH Key Pair manager

  • Click "Create New" to create a new SSH key pair for your new server:

    Create an SSH Key Pair

    Enter a name for your new SSH key and click "Generate key pair":

    Create an SSH Key Pair


  • Click "Upload New" to upload an existing SSH key pair from your computer:

    Upload a SSH Key Pair

Obtaining your SSH credentials from the Bitnami Launchpad

The Bitnami Launchpad for AWS Cloud automatically injects an auto-generated public SSH key for the bitnami user and allows the user to download the private SSH key. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Browse to the Bitnami Launchpad for AWS Cloud and sign in if required using your Bitnami account.
  • Select the "Virtual Machines" menu item.
  • Select your cloud server from the resulting list.
  • Download the SSH key for your server (.pem for Linux and Mac OS X,.ppk for Windows). Note the server IP address on the same page.

    SSH keys