Bitnami PhantomJS for AWS Cloud

PhantomJS is a WebKit rendering engine ideal for headless testing of Web applications.

What are the requirements for PhantomJS?

The PhantomJS binary packaged with Bitnami stacks is self-contained. There is no requirement to install Qt, WebKit, or any other libraries. However, it still relies on Fontconfig (package fontconfig or libfontconfig, depending on the distribution).

  • Install Fontconfig, run the following commands depending on your Linux distribution:

    • Debian

      $ sudo apt-get install fontconfig
    • CentOS:

      $ sudo yum install fontconfig
  • Check that the system is able to run PhantomJS, run this command:

    $ /opt/bitnami/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs

A new console should open. Close it with the Ctrl-C combination.


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