Modify the default administrator password

For security, it is recommended that you change the default administrator password as soon as possible. To do so, it is necessary to access the Django console by creating an SSH tunnel. Follow the instructions below:

  • Create an SSH tunnel. Refer to the FAQ for more information on this.

  • Go to http://SERVER-IP:SOURCE-PORT/admin to access the Django admin console. Remember to replace SOURCE-PORT with the source port number specified when creating the SSH tunnel. Log in as the administrative user. Enter the following credentials:

    Access Django console

  • Once you have logged in to Django, click “Change Password” in the upper-right corner.

    Change Django admin password

  • On the “password change” page, enter your old password and the new password you want to use. Click “Change my password” to save the changes.

    Change Django admin password

    TIP: If you have configured the SMTP settings, log in as an administrator and click the “Reset Password” link. An email will be sent to your account with the instructions to reset your password.

Last modification April 8, 2020