Run a code analysis

In this example we will be analyzing the source code from a Github repository but you could also upload your own .zip file with your source code.

  • Go to the “Projects” tab and create a new project by clicking the “New Project” button.

    [![Code Dx code analysis](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-1.png)](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-1.png)
  • Click on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner and select “Git Config”.

    [![Code Dx code analysis](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-2.png)](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-2.png)
  • Enter the URL to the Github repository and click “Ok”.

    [![Code Dx code analysis](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-3.png)](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-3.png)
  • When Code Dx finishes cloning the repository, click the “New Analysis” button, followed by the “Begin Analysis” button to launch the analysis.

    [![Code Dx code analysis](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-4.png)](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-4.png)
  • Upon completion of the analysis, click the “here” link to see the results.

    [![Code Dx code analysis](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-5.png)](/images/img/apps/codedx/codedx-analysis-5.png)
Last modification April 8, 2020