Compare Bitnami Single-Tier and Production-Ready Solutions

Single-tier architecture implies that all the required components of an application run on a single server. If your environment is growing and becoming more complex, a single layer architecture will not meet your scalability requirements. Single-Tier Solutions are great for departmental applications, smaller production environments, new users, or those applications that don’t support more complex architecture.

Production-ready architectures involves more than one server and infrastructure resource. For example, it separates the application server from the database server. This allows you to extend workloads in the cloud and tailor your application to meet specific scalability and reliability goals. Production-ready solutions provide more sophisticated deployment topologies for improved scalability and reliability on larger production environments.

This Bitnami production-ready solution uses multiple AWS services (such as CloudFormation, Aurora RDS, ElasticCache, EFS, Route53 and others) to create a complex architecture with several security and performance benefits. Learn more about the solution architecture.


Last modification June 13, 2019